About Us

Trichy's first company producing pallets as per ISPM # 15 HT in commercial way.

Established since 1991, we provide customers with a comprehensive pallet supply. We manufactured wooden pallets of high quality packaging for so many exporters like Sanmar Groups, Harihar alloys, Jai valves and Southern Railways etc...

We have built our reputation as one of the India's leading pallet companies on our competitive pricing, prompt and reliable service, plus the flexibility to meet your needs. Seasoned and Treated Wooden Pallets have been made compulsant for all export packaging. Ganesh Packers is a professional enterprise producing all types of Wooden Pallets.

In addition, with the rich experience in Pallet manufacturing and marketing the company is quite familiar, time to time, with the latest domestic and foreign policies and requirements for wooden packaging thus making proper adjustments as to effectively help the clients export packaging smoothly pass the customs clearance as per relevant requirements.

We have latest machinery and technology for export packing. Our equipment are designed and developed to facilitate various types of packing for any sort product and material. Our export packing qualifies various export norms with precision.

Why Ganesh Packers?

We have introduced Indiangeous machinery to meet the standard of ISPM 15 HT pallets. It is best reason for you to keep confidence in our company, the way we have quality.